About Harry Zeitlin

(harryzeitlin.com, Rabbi Harry Zeitlin) is an artist, rabbi and musician living Seattle.
Born,  Denver,  Colorado 1952
EDUCATION (selected)
B.A., Yale University,  New Haven,  Connecticut,  1974.
Photography Studies with Edmund Teske and Robert Heinecken, 1977 – 1979.
Private studies in Sumi-e painting with Hisashi Ohta (“National Treasure of Japan”), 1980-1982.
Private Studies in Guitar with Ralph Towner, 1973 – 1976.
Orthodox Rabbinic Ordination, 1996.
Director of Art is the Spiritual Workshops and Seminars,  1994 – present.
EXHIBITIONS (selected)
February 2010, Center for Fine Art Photography, Elements of Water, Fort Collins, CO
October 2009, Madden Museum, Windows to the Divine, Greenwood Village, CO
May 2009, Slifka Center for Jewish Studies, Yale University, New Haven, CT
September  2007  LACDA, Los Angeles, CA
September 2007  Las Vegas ArtExpo, Las Vegas, NV
July 2007  Madison Park,  Seattle, WA
January,  February 2007.  Benham Gallery,  Seattle,  WA
April 2006 Or Hadash,   Jerusalem,  Israel
April 2006 Café Flora,  Seattle,  WA
April 2005 Louisiana State University,  Baton Rouge, LA
April 2003 Art-Cubic, Barcelona,  Spain
December 1996 Anigrafix, Jerusalem,  Israel
April 1996 Goldwasser & Wilkinson,  San Francisco,  CA.
April 1994 Madison Park,  Seattle,  WA.
March 1994 C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago,  Evanston, IL.
December 1993 Silver Image Gallery,  Seattle, WA .
Summer 1993 White Bird Gallery,  Cannon Beach,  OR.
December 1991 Silver Image Gallery,  Seattle,  WA.
December 1991 Bertha Urdang Gallery,  New York,  NY.
July 1991 Henry Art Gallery,  University of Washington, Seattle,  WA.
June 1988 Bertha Urdang Gallery,  New York,  NY.
April 1988 Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv,  Israel.
April 1987 Ramat Gan Museum,  Israel.
May 1986 Silver Gallery at the International Judaica Fair,  Jerusalem,  Israel.
April 1986 Bezalel Academy of Art,  Jerusalem,  Israel.
January 1986 American  Cultural  Center,  Jerusalem,  Israel.
November 1981 Japan Expo 1981,  Los Angeles,  CA.
May 1981 West Colorado Gallery,  Pasadena,  CA .
June 1980 Susan Spiritus Gallery,  Newport Beach,  CA .
February 1979 Colorado Photographic Art Center,  Denver,  CO.
Paul Brainerd  (Seattle, WA)
Bibliotheque  Nationale  (Paris, France)
New York Public
Library Tel Aviv Museum of Art
City of Seattle (Discovery Park Collection)
Portland Art Museum
AMOCO (Chicago,  IL)
Denver Art Museum
Skirball Museum (Los Angeles,  CA)
Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Willamette University (Salem, OR)
ClearSight  Systems  (Bellevue,  WA)
Fogg Art Museum  (Cambridge,  MA)
Mizel Museum  (Denver,  CO)
The Write Stuff  (Seattle,  WA)
Israel Museum (Jerusalem,  Israel)
Yale University Art Gallery (New Haven,  CT)
SONGS TO THE INVISIBLE GOD,  Ruth Wieder Magan,  Theatre Company of Jerusalem Records,  1997,  Sounds True Records,  1999.
MEETING POINT, Egberto Gismonti,  ECM Records,  1997.
PATHWAYS, Richard Greenberg,  Jason Aronson Books, 1996.
REFLECTIONS, Bobo Stenson Trio,  ECM Records,  1996.
MUSICA DE SOBREVIVENCIA, Egberto Gismonti,  ECM Records, 1993.
IN THE RIGHT ORDER, Vinny Golia Trio,  Nine Winds Records.
‘7X’,  Tim Berne,  Empire Records.
ELEGIES,  Nels Cline/Eric Von Essen,  Nine Winds Records.
RAPHAEL, Roberto Miranda,  Nine Winds Records.
HOUSTON PHOTOFEST 1992 LASER DISC–photograph selection.
TREES AND WATER,  catalog of exhibition at  Urdang Gallery (August 1988).
SKYLINE (Tel Aviv Museum, April 1988)–photograph selection.
PARABOLA 12(1), Spring 1987 — photograph selection.
“Whale Watch…A Month in the Life of a Humpback,” NATURE CANADA 6(4) Oct/Nov, 1977.
Jerusalem Foundation subsidized artists’ studio, 1988.
Millennium International Internet Art Grant, 1995.
Who’s Who in American Art, 1993-present Who’s Who in the World, 1996-present.

2 Responses to About Harry Zeitlin

  1. Le says:

    I love your photography as it speaks to me. You don’t see the image as a whole but as a section with its own beauty and grace of movement, motion, each image captured with its own story to tell. If I could, I’d collect all your photography. I found a couple in a thrift store and what a treasure find!!!!!! They’re in my living room which is very tastefully done and with your 2 photographs the focal point. You should be a world reknown master artist.

    • Thank you for your kind words.
      One’s always ambivalent, I would imagine, to learn that some recently purchased and beloved photographs were found in a thrift store, but once the prints leave me, they begin their own journey.
      I’ve more or less retired from photography since photography, or what I began with a photography, retired from me. I tried digital photography for a few years, I really gave it a try, but the keyboard and screen separate me too much from the process. With silver rich film, and even more so, silver-rich cold-tone enlarging paper, no longer manufactured on Planet Earth, I ended up working too hard all the while knowing I was going to fail with each print attempt.
      My extensive catalog is mainly available, stored in Seattle, Washington. Let me know and I can make arrangements for you to visit at your convenience.
      I certainly wouldn’t not oppose becoming a “world-reknown master artist”. I worked hard at it for over 40 years!

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