An Artist’s Role

The world is a unified, integral, holistic reality. As finite beings, we necessarily see it fragmented and separate. However, we are empowered to look beneath the surface, along with the surface itself, and begin to perceive the complex network of connections and relationships which join together all.

This is more than merely noting trivial and superficial similarities, but develops over time as the perceptual and experiential and analytical and emotional and spiritual and intellectual processes weave and dance together.

Being irresistibly drawn to look at something, and then to feel almost a compulsion to capture that seeing through the camera, are initial steps as well as individual components waiting to be combined. Reviewing and choosing and and then solving all the puzzles of printing are yet more. Selecting and presenting bring my involvement to a close, at least for a while.

The viewer then brings his visual encounter and then his set of associations and thoughts and feelings and inspirations where they, along with my previous ones, the objects (i.e. these photographs) and the original objects themselves, recombine into an ever richer web of meaning and reality. Which merges with the experiences of others who will see this work and who will think about it and talk about it and, perhaps, remember it, and who will go on with their lives now incorporating at least an impression of having seen these.

My role, although essential in introducing these particular life processes, fades and shrinks, and finally disappears. This resembles, perhaps, the role of a stone after it has been tossed into a pond.

Nonetheless, it remains my role and function, as an artist and as a human.



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