Why Create?

Why create art at all?  Hasn’t everything already been said, painted, photographed, composed, performed, written?  Who needs it and who will buy it, show it, even see it?

Unique vision is universal, but very few decide to develop and refine that vision.  Pursuing that process, you can direct yourself to the small, meaning one’s ego, angst and complaints, which ultimately wastes everyone’s time.  Or, you can move outward, to the infinite, and bring the beauty and complexity into conscious awareness.

My late painting teacher (strange, perhaps, for a photographer), the late Dr. Hisashi Ohta, who was at the time Living National Treasure of Japan in Sumi-e, taught that beauty isn’t always sweet.  Focusing on the positive, trying to enhance life and living, isn’t limited to pretty pictures of pretty places, although it doesn’t exclude them either.

True beauty is a unique expression of the energy which sustains all existence, filtered and refined through an artist’s life, experiences, training and temperament.  It lovingly adds links to the network of all life, insights and invitations to stop a moment to marvel.

I try to bring this true beauty to life.

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