Capturing Life

There is an imminent, transcendent, intangible but real essence of existence in all there is. Life adds a vital energy; human beings, able to contemplate and share abstract ideas, manifest an additional force.

The interplay of these forces–a human contemplating the three-way tension of himself examining the relationships between various forms in nature, both the animate and inanimate–results in a kaleidoscope of impressions.

We all live within landscapes. They are as known as the every day, as inscrutable as the other. The air, the water, and the earth contain elements of ourselves but, unseen, are themselves inhospitable.

The earth is silent, unchanging and ever-changing. Water pulses, cracks or flows as energy. Light filters through the air through our eyes to our hearts and minds.

Photographs are silent, motionless witnesses. Images dance within them. These pictures are to be contemplated over time. They, like the reality of which they are but a shadow, reveal themselves little-by-little. They illuminate the heroic joy of Being in all its complexity, the inescapable balance of the inevitable outcome, the beauty and awe of the experience of living.

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